Parents Information


We pride ourselves on good communication with parents and whilst the majority of communication with parents is done verbally we complete a daily feedback sheet to provide parents with information about their child’s day.
Children also have an online learning journal where we capture all that your child is achieving and learning. Click here to log-in


More structured communication occurs at our annual parents’ evenings which allow us to get together for an informal chat and gives parents the opportunity to explore the nursery at leisure – admiring the creative and fun exploits that the children enjoy.


We use our parent forum as a way of maintaining strong relationships with our families. Forums are opportunities for parents to give the nursery feedback, share ideas, meet other parents and learn about certain elements of your child’s learning and development at nursery.
Forums are held regularly and the dates are provided on facebook and our newsletter.


Your invoices are emailed to you monthly.

If you have any questions regarding your invoice, please contact the nursery manager.